Here is a quick guide to making your own #NegotiatingSex in 30 Seconds or Less video! Enter your video by October 9th for a chance to win $1000!

Faculty and Staff leaders:

1. Advertize the contest to students through your desired channels. Ask for student volunteers who would be interested in both acting in the video, editing the video, and organizing the project.

2. Assign a student leader to handle the rest of the video process.


Student leaders:

1. Gather a group of interested students for the project. Assign roles such as actors, filmer (can simply use a phone!), editor, etc.

2. Plan out what you want your video to contain. We find that writing a rough script helps when showing consent conversations. Watch some videos for inspiration!

Negotiating Consent in 30 Seconds or Less

Consent at Colgate

3. Practice the scene(s) a few times without filming. From here you may find that certain lines feel more natural when reworded, etc. You will also get more comfortable with the scene itself!

4. Start filming! We suggest using an iPhone or other simple filming equipment, and a tripod or steady hand. Fancy equipment is not required to make a compelling and effective video.

5. Put your film together through editing software, as simple as iMovie, etc.

6. Upload your video to YouTube andand email the link to with the subject line “30 seconds”. Your video will be added to the official contest youtube playlist. Try incorporating the “#NegotiatingSex in 30 seconds (or less)” tag in the description increase views!

7. Share your video by October 1st and have your friends place their votes on youtube by “upvoting” their favorite videos in the contest! The group with the most votes by October 1tst will receive $1000 for their organization! The earlier you upload your video, the more time you have to collect votes, so we suggest submitting your video as early as possible.

*Make sure you are asking for consent from each participant in your video along the way. Everyone must consent to being filmed, touched, and having their video put online*