#Negotiating Sex in 30 Seconds or Less Video Contest

FORCE enthusiastically announces our #NegotiationSex in 30 Seconds or Less Contest Winners!

(Drumroll please….)


Judge’s Choice Award: “10 Sexy Ways to Ask for Consent” by Amber the Activist

From “Can I put it in my mouth” to “Can you put on a condom first?” this simple and brilliant video shows viewers that asking for consent is as simple as asking a question.







Viewer’s Choice Award: Kerrigan Natera and Madelyn Baturra

This adorable video of a couple on a blind date, shows that even with those first-date-gitters, couple can still talk about sex openly.

To watch all the videos consent-loving videos Check out the #NegotiatingSex in 30 Seconds or Less Youtube Playlist. Our enthusiastic thanks to tall the contest participants for showing us that consent doesn’t make sex awkward, but rather open and direct communication improves sex and sex without consent is assault.